Workshop on Abnormal Wave Events
5-6June 2014 Nice, France
* /weɪv to͞o ˈfôrˌtēn/

Hydrodynamic wave turbulence

Eric Falcon
Université Paris Diderot - Matière et Systèmes Complexes

Wave turbulence concerns the study of dynamical and statistical properties of a field of random dispersive waves in nonlinear interaction. Athough it occurs in all fields of physics involving wave dynamics (oceanic surface waves, internal waves in geophysics, Alfvén waves in astrophysical plasmas, or nonlinear waves in optics), well-controlled laboratory experiments on wave turbulence are relatively scarce despite the experimental efforts of the last decade.

I will talk about experiments on wave turbulence on the surface of a fluid using full resolved space-time measurements of the wave field. I will notably discuss the role of strongly nonlinear waves and coherent structures on the regime of wave turbulence.