Workshop on Abnormal Wave Events
5-6June 2014 Nice, France
* /weɪv to͞o ˈfôrˌtēn/

New types of water waves or large amplitude

Jean Rajchenbach
Université de Nice

The nonlinear properties of water waves give rise to singular properties. Here we report new types gravity waves of large amplitudes: the firt one consists in a standing solitary wave having either an even or an odd symmetry (1), the second type of wave exhibits alternatively the shape of a star and of a polygon. In the last case, the symmetry of the star (i.e. the number of branches) is independent of the container form and size, and can be changed according to the amplitude and frequency of the vibration (2). We propose then the fundamental mechanisms capable to explain the genesis of such waves.

1) J. Rajchenbach, A. Leroux, D. Clamond New standing solitary waves in water Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 024502 (2011)

2) J. Rajchenbach, D. Clamond, A. Leroux. Observation of Star-Shaped Surface Gravity Waves Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 094502 (2013)