Microwave realization of Particle-like Scattering States

Ulrich Kuhl
Université de Nice - LPMC

In my talk I will present an experimental realization of particle like scattering states [1], i.e. collimated waves supported only on a single classical trajectory or ray. First I will introduce the concept of these states and how they can be obtained using only information of the transmission matrix, more precisely the Wigner-Smith time-delay operator. To finally implement them experimentally we need wave-front shaping techniques, which we realize using a set of antennas excited via IQ-modulators. Finally the experimentally obtained particle like scattering states will be presented and discussed.

[1] Generating Particle-like Scattering States in Wave Transport, Stefan Rotter, Philipp Ambichl, and Florian Libisch, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 120602 (2011)